Strengths And Weaknesses Of Social Workers Essay

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Strengths to Empowerment One of the most common approaches used today by social workers is the strengths based perspective. Often time when trying to solve a problem, the main focus is on the problem itself and by doing so, there is a focus on the negative aspects and what is wrong. The strengths perspective tries shifting the view of situations by focusing on what the client may bring to the current situation. It tries to focus on the present and what the future may hold rather than what has happened in the past (Miley, O’Melia, & DuBois, 2015, p. 79). The strengths approach consists of observing the qualities and strengths a client has. Often times there are strengths that have not been given enough attention and may need to be released (Miley et al., 2015, p. 76). This does not mean that the main issue is ignored, simply that there is a shift in attention. By doing so, clients and social workers can view these newly found strengths as resources to empower the client. The term empowerment is not a state, but a process a person goes through and that consists of many levels (Miley et al., 2015, p. 80). By focusing on the strengths of a person using the strengths perspective, we can address the first level of empowerment, which is at the personal level. By using a person’s strengths and releasing talents that they may have, it creates a sense of control and competence in the client. Once they feel confident, they can move to the next level which is the interpersonal…

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