Strengths And Weaknesses Of Pinterest Essay

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. Strengths: Some of the strengths of Pinterest include their already large amount of online and application users. Being the 3rd most popular social network in the world as of 2012, and their value of over a billion dollars, they have a large capital.

B. Weaknesses: Some of their weaknesses include the site not having a large amount of male users with over 85% of all the users being women, and only 13% of U.S online users are males . In order to improve their revenue they need to figure out a way to get men more attracted to the site. Also users might be pressured into purchasing goods, they might not need or afford whenever they go on the site. As opposed to going on Facebook or Twitter for social interaction with friends not expecting to purchase an item. Opportunities: Some opportunities is for them to further explore the international market place, as they started. Also they need to bring in more investors and advertisements in order to market to more male users. Threats: Some of the threats involved are the legal problems and copyright issues that they face. Some other threats they have are E-commerce sites such as Amazon or even a Google. If Pinterest lets Amazon possibly buy them out or join forces Amazon would be the ruler of online retailing for a long time, but I do not think Pinterest will allow that to occur.

2. The impact of social media on consumer behavior and marketing is very prevalent. Often times people will want what other people have,…

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