Strengths And Weaknesses Of Personality Essay

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Personality should be valued or construct to get detailed characteristics of a person. As we cannot physically see the traits, there will be a question about is it really there or true? Scientists made some interference about people and how they are like and such measurement are hypothetical most of the times. Smith (2005) was explaining in his study that even though those theoretical theories are there, it is necessary to make sure they are measure “in a convincing, valid way” (P. 396). Validity is important and here comes the accuracy of the constructs. So the methods we are using to obtain the personality values can be accepted only it is well concrete with high accuracy (McDonald, 2008).
This paper will be focusing on the two different methods used to acquire the personality constructs. How both are used to get the values and what are their strength and their limitations. The biggest debate is with the accuracy of the self-report data of an individual when comparing with the data reports from the others.
The most common and an easy method to acquire personality constructs are using the measure of self-report. In the Psychology field, people respond to questions or some statements about why they want to do and what they like to or how the behaviour will be a particular situation. Self-report is the most used and preferable method. Also, it makes more sense to use the self-report as popular, the reason is if I want to know about a person, it would be better and more…

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