Strengths And Weaknesses Of Advertising Agencies

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Register to read the introduction… In small companies, someone handles advertising in the sales or marketing departments, who works with an advertising agency. A large company will often set up its own advertising department, whose manager reports to the Vice President of marketing. The advertising department’s job is to develop the total budget, and handle direct-mail advertising, dealer displays and other forms of advertising not ordinarily performed by the agency. Most companies use an outside advertising agency to help them create advertising campaigns and to select and purchase media. Global companies that use a large number of ad agencies located in different countries and serving different divisions have suffered from uncoordinated advertising and image diffusion. Advertising agencies need to redefine themselves as communication companies and assist clients in improving their overall communication …show more content…
It offers planned and controlled message.
2. It can contact and influence numerous people simultaneously, quickly, and at a low cost per prospect. Hence, it is called Mass Means of Communication.
3. It has the ability to deliver messages to audiences with particular demographic and socio-economic features.
4. It can deliver the same message consistently in a variety of contexts.
5. It can reach prospects that cannot be approached by sales man.
6. It helps to presell goods and pull the buyers to retailers.
7. It offers a wide choice of channels for transmission of messages such as visual (by sights), aural, (by ear).
8. It is very useful to create maximum interest and offer adequate knowledge of the new product when the innovation is being introduced in the market.

Weakness of Advertising

1. It is less flexible than personal communication. It cannot answer objections raised by prospects.
2. It is essentially one-way means of communication. It cannot obtain quick and accurate feedback in order to evaluate message effectiveness.
3. It is most efficient communication but it is least effective as a tool of a

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