Street Art And Graffiti Resources For Online Study Essay

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“Street Art and Graffiti Resources for Online Study” is an article published in April 2014 by Michael DeNotto. The author is an instruction librarian at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Michael DeNotto got three degrees in three universities:
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign M.S. in Library and Information Science, 2012
Valparaiso University M.A. in English Studies and Communication with TESOL certificate, 2009
Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville B.A. in English with minor in Psychology, 2006
“Street Art and Graffiti Resources for Online Study” is his second publication. Michael DeNotto writes that graffiti and street art are connected. The populations of the past gave much importance to graffiti because they were a means of communication. Graffiti arise in view of a communicative needs of dissent and protest, even though the original soul of the graffiti denounces a need to affirm the artist 's individuality (tag). Graffiti art communicates to the people, to the mass. Instead, street art is the contemporary art of the street. The author states that the differences between graffiti and street art can be found in authorial intent, intended audience, and form. Street art has received the influence of the internet therefore has a more popular character and is mainly expressed through images. Street art is ephemeral. Authorities often eradicate street art Because it is perceived as vandalism.
In this article, the author analyzes the difference between…

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