Strawberry Margarita Pound Cake Research Paper

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Strawberry Margarita Pound Cake
I’ve been dying to share this heavenly Strawberry Margarita Pound Cake recipe with you guys because, well, I nearly killed myself taking the pictures. LOL But seriously, I wore myself out the day I made this cake because I was taking pictures for another recipe and editing another post. And I almost fell backward off of the stool I use to take pictures.
Y’all, I wasn’t aware of just how much work goes into a food blog! I’m definitely not complaining because I love food, I love talking to you guys about food, and I absolutely love it when you guys try my recipes! But I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s challenging for me. Living with autoimmune diseases is a daily challenge and I’m still learning exactly how to lessen my symptoms. Autoimmune diseases make daily tasks a feat to complete, but honey am I happy when I’ve accomplished a few of the goals I’ve set for that day! And some days after completing tasks I just want a lil’
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It’s summer, there’s no better time for a strawberry margarita! And do I REALLY have to explain my reasoning behind pound cake?! I’m so sorry if you didn’t have a grandma or great aunt who could put their foot and webbed toes into some pound cake! The stuff from the grocery store will never be able to light a candle to homemade.
When I was growing up I could always expect some kind of pound cake to be on the table at family gatherings. Buttermilk, vanilla, lemon, and sock it to me pound cake were the most common flavors. And there would usually be more than one pound cake on the table because the cook knew everyone was going to want a slice for now and a slice to take home. If I had to pick my favorite pound cake I would have to say sock it to me and then buttermilk, but that’s before I made this Strawberry Margarita Pound Cake!
What Makes This Pound Cake

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