Strategies For Using Online Recruitment Essay

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Summary of Journal Articles
Mackelden, Lauren. "How To Effectively Use Online Recruitment." Onrec 155
(2016): 14-15. Feb. 2016. Web. 13 Apr. 2016.
In “How To Effectively Use Online Recruitment”, Lauren Mackelden goes into immense detail on the most effective ways to advertise jobs online. Mackelden’s audience is mostly recruiters for large companies but the advice she gives can easily be applied anywhere, even small businesses. The reason this article should be taken note of is because Mackelden approached this topic at an intelligent angle. Spending lots and lots of money on advertising is not going to achieve much if it is not targeting the correct audience members or catching their eyes. The old saying “quality not quantity” is evident here as she demonstrated that companies want the best of the best, and not just anybody with a finger that can click on an advertisement. Mackelden did some research into a job board named Jobsite who states “a common mistake when advertising a vacancy is to try and achieve a large quantity of applications, rather than a high quality of candidates”. This is a common misconception in the industry where people believe the more candidates that apply prove the success of an advertisement. Mackelden stated that it was not the case with her research on Jobsite backing her up on this point. Since companies want the best of the best, the candidates they will be after will more than likely have opportunities elsewhere. This means that there needs…

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