Essay on Strategies For Improving Someone 's Eating Habits

774 Words Oct 20th, 2016 4 Pages
After reading Feldman 's steps to how to increase a behavior, I decided to implement his different strategies by improving someone’s eating habits. This is a phenomenon that almost every human has to improve or work on. Certain things that hinder people from having good eating habits are the time to cook, the motivation to cook or shop properly low calorie containing foods .But using Feldman’s steps, I believe I can improve my roommate’s health by helping him improve his eating habits. The problem here is the fact that out of 168 hours that there are in a week, my roommate cannot find anytime on the weekend to go shop. If he does go shopping, he picks food of high calorie content or picks food with high sugar content which isn’t healthy for our human system. The goal here is to get my roommate to love cooking a healthy meal for himself rather than going to McDonald’s he feels lazy, get used to shopping for lower calorie and sugar containing for and in return will improve his health and future health conditions. Since he’s a computer science major like me and we have almost the same daily schedule, it’s going to be easier for me to be able to keep track his behavior change and improvement weekly. For example, a weekly inventory at the beginning of the week of groceries he bought the weekend will be a very good way for me to evaluate his physical progress. My roommate thinks of himself to be a gamer and only gets the motivation to do anything such as homework or study when he…

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