The Importance Of Eating Habits In My Life

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In my life, no one day is the same as the next. Because of this, my eating habits and amount of activity changes depending on what life has in store for me that day. Some days, I am on my feet all day at work with my meals and snacks prepared, others I am sitting in a class room all day, eating whatever I can grab between classes. Then, there are my favorite days; where I can relax and catch up on life and enjoy a cup of ice cream. In a perfect world, I would be able to meal prep for every day of the week, but often that can get pricey and is just unrealistic for me because I do not like eating the same thing every day. My healthiest days, are the days I work. I work at a hospital, so I am always on my feet and have limited time to eat. I …show more content…
A benefit of this, is that there is no time for snacking. I eat a breakfast, lunch, and dinner when I am off, the time between has to be filled with water to keep me full. On the days I am not working, I am at school. I did not do an analysis on my school days because it is often filled with the same things that I eat at work because I can bring the food along with me. Instead to do the weekend, which most of what I ate were foods on the go. Often, I find my stomach grumbling while I am in the middle of running errands, so I stop and get something fast. I always try and pick the healthiest alternative to fast food, if that even exists. Also on the weekends, I snack often because If I am home and the snacks are there, I will eat them. Thankfully, my family eats healthy and we stay away from sugary snacks, besides ice cream of …show more content…
My Omega-6 (17 g recommended) and Omega-3 (1.6 g recommended) levels were low, I only had 3g. This is a nutrient I never really think about because I do not know what food is rich in it, after researching I noticed that I could eat more, sunflower seeds or cook with the oils that are rich in omega-3/6 eating these foods or taking an omega supplement might bring me in the recommended range. My cholesterol level was 239 which was high for someone my age, they say that your level of cholesterol should be below 200. This lowering can relate to my last statement of omega-3’s which help lower cholesterol, as well as eliminating trans fats from the diet. My trans-fat levels were, .5 g but my total fat levels were 71g, which wasn’t higher than my DRI, but I should lower. My carbohydrate levels were low, the recommendation is 303-438g and I was at, 223 g. This is surprising to me because I always think that I am eating too many carbs, I usually do eat pasta and starch rich foods often, I believe that if I picked a different day, my levels would be out of range. My fiber levels were very low, recommended was 38 g and I only had 17g. I could raise this by changing my granola bars I eat to fiber one bars, after reading their nutrition labels, this could possibly help me raise my levels. Water, a very important

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