Strategies For English Language Learners Essay

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There are several strategies that teachers can employ to assist English Language Learners. I learned a few in my previous class (Foundations of Reading) last semester. Teachers can use the following strategies to assist English Language Learners.

Audio Books This will not only allow English Language Learners to hear the proper pronunciation of words spoken in English, but it will also give them the opportunity to follow along better within the textbook. While students are following along in the text, they will most likely be reviewing how words are spelled and used in sentences. This will help to build students’ vocabulary.

Word Walls

Teachers can create a word wall in their classroom to help introduce new vocabulary words and group them according to parts of speech.

Classroom Discussions

By teachers hosting frequent classroom discussions, English Language Learners will have the opportunity to experience what it is like to hold a conversation in English. This will be a good opportunity for them to practice what they have learned. Teachers should encourage students to speak loud and clear, when participating in classroom discussions. All students should be encouraged to participate, regardless of their skill level or ability to speak the English language. This will ensure that this learning strategy is being used to teach students what they need to know.


Teachers should try to use as many visuals as possible in their lesson plans, so that students…

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