Strategic Planning Essay

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There are a variety of strategic planning models, including goals-based, issues-based, organic, scenario. * Goals-based planning is perhaps the most common as it starts with a focus on the organization's mission (and vision and/or values), goals to work toward the mission, strategies to achieve the goals, and action planning. * Issues-based strategic planning often starts by examining issues facing the organization, strategies to address those issues, and action plans. * Organic strategic planning begins with the organization's vision and values and then action plans to achieve the vision with adhering to the values.
Major differences in how organizations carry out the various steps and associated activities in
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Does a compelling reason for your existence present itself from a review of your mission? * Who is being served? Should you rewrite the mission to more accurately reflect your current customer base?
(Source: (Source: Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step for Government and Nonprofit Agencies by Paul R. Niven, John Wiley & Sons © 2003 Archive Citation)
Looking at Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as an example that revisited its mission statement in September 1998, the new language represents the new direction theirs has taken in terms of transforming itself into a customer-oriented organization. This also underlines the agency's duty to administer the tax laws fairly for everyone. "This mission statement reflects the new attitude at the IRS," said Charles 0. Rossotti, Commissioner of Internal Revenue. "Our top priority is putting the interests of the taxpayers first, and this is spelled out simply and clearly in the mission statement. (Source:
Some of the sample mission statements are:
Internal Revenue Service: The mission of the Internal Revenue Service is to provide America's taxpayers with top-quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and by applying the tax law with integrity and fairness to all.
American Cancer Society: The American Cancer Society is the nationwide community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by

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