Strategic Planning Nursing Process Essay

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Strategic Planning and Nursing Process
Every decision-making process requires the basic steps of problem identification, intervention and evaluation. In healthcare, both the nursing process and strategic planning involve proper identification of a problem, gathering of data, formulating a plan, and deciding which intervention is the best to implement. After the intervention, evaluation is necessary. Strategic planning and the nursing process both are essential when developing medical informatics. The goal of this paper to identify the nurse’s role in both strategic planning and the nursing process, describe the differences between them, and how nurses can become more involved in strategic planning in informatics.
Differences Between
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It was developed to evaluate care and to improve the nursing profession. Its steps are almost similar to the strategic planning process. The nursing Process steps are assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. The nursing process is used to deliver patient care in a systematic and goal-oriented method similar to strategic planning. Both the nursing process and strategic planning are ongoing and require frequent reevaluation to meet its goals. The difference between the two processes is that the nursing process focuses on nursing care while the strategic planning process focuses on the organization. The time to complete the process is also different. Applying the nursing process may vary from days to months, while strategic planning may take a span of five to ten years.
Nurse’s Role in the Nursing Process and Strategic Planning
Nurses have direct roles in the nursing process because it incorporates to their care. When nurses arrive to work they begin patient care with an assessment and this progress leads to interventions and evaluations of the care provided. The nursing process enhances patient care and therefore provides a successful future for the organization. In the strategic planning process, nurses can be active by providing input that may help in attaining the organization’s goals. For example, maybe the nurse notices that longer visiting hours increase patient satisfaction. The nursing

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