Strategic Planning, Learning Theory, and Training Needs Analysis

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The five phases of the training process model include; Needs Analysis Phase; Design Phase; Development Phase; Implementation Phase, and the Evaluation Phase. The “Needs Analysis Phase” is to determine each employee’s needs and ask “What do we want our employees to get out of the program?” This phase will help identify the difference between comparing the company’s current results to the company’s “expected organizational performances. The performance gap is one way to figure out what is best needed in the training process of the company. Our text states that the “needs analysis phase begins when there is a performance problem within the organization. Examples of this problem might be: lack of quality, customer dissatisfaction, or …show more content…
(Blanchard / Thacker, 2010) Overcoming some of these negative factors maybe the “HRD manager needs to ensure that their HR teams is open and committed to the highest training expectations that are available to every employee’s success.” (Blanchard / Thacker, 2010) The company should be totally “committed by financing the proper training that is needed for the future success of the company as a whole.” What a business puts into the investment of their employee’s, are most likely to surface motivated success for the company. The HRD should clearly clarify exactly what their role is going to entail, right from the start, so there will be full understanding of each employee’s expectations. The company needs to “dedicate sufficient amount of time each year for the proper training of its employee’s.” Dedication of the company is just as important as the employee’s dedicating their KSA to the company.
Compare and contrast the behaviorist and the cognitive approaches to learning. Explain which is more relevant to training. Behaviorist approaches to learning usually are “focused on people who have specific observable behaviors or habits that they want to change.” After

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