Strategic Planning For Developing A Team Essay

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A. Napavine used strategic planning to address a variety of topic by developing a team which consisted of an educational consultant, building administrators, district administrators, students, teachers, classified staff, parents and community members—61 participants in all—who met beginning in November 2015 and concluded on March 15 and 16, 2016 in eight focused group sessions. All sessions were held at the school district facilities, and were of varying lengths to accommodate schedules and student attention spans.
1. One session met to identify the district strengths or perceived successes.
2. Another session met to identify district weakness or perceived challenges.
3. One session met to identify district opportunities or possible improvements toward future success.
4. One session met to identify district threats or externalities which could affect district operations.
In addition to the above four group sessions, the team also met to discuss our district purpose or to address “for what are we preparing our student?”, our district goals to the defined purpose, our district strategies to support our defined goals, and to identify key points and addition points not covered in the eight focus group sessions.
The district conducted an online “conversation”, using ThoughtExchange to read additional stakeholders. In all, ThoughtExchange received 287 ideas from 87 participants to discuss in focus groups for the education plan. Responses from both data gathering processes were…

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