Strategic Management In An Organization's Entry Level Strategy

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Question1. Strategy is organization long term objectives which the organization aims to achieve in future. These strategies help organization to give direction to organization operations. There is entry level strategy for achieving goals at operational level. Then there are project management level strategy, there are directorial stage strategy. Strategic planning help employees in knowing what their goals are and help them achieve their objectives and standard by the organization.
Organizational planning: it helps in identification; monitoring and formulating strategies for the helps in achieve organizational mission, vision and goals.
Development the process of growing or progress going on in the organization.
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Training helps in overall development of employee and organization as employee get chance of increasing their skill and it help organization in cost cutting increasing their productivity as they will get specialization in their task.
Production cuts cost: training and having skilled employees helps in reducing and cutting cost. As increasing employee efficiency and productivity would help organization to cut cost. Efficiency and efficient workforce and production system helps in increasing productivity and profitability of the organization.
Customer’s communication: having good communication skills and channels of communication is very important in an organization. As efficient communication skills help an organization in better productivity and better command and authority. Effective communication helps in better coordination within different departments of an organization and would help in sustainable use of organization resources.
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Levels of strategy:
There are three level of strategy operational level strategy, functional level, and business level strategy.
Corporate level strategies are strategies which are made by top level of management these strategies are important for whole organization. These decisions can be related to important financial matters, mergers, any acquisition by the company.
Business level strategies: these are made by middle level of management of how to compete with competitors. These strategies are adopted by organizations with different business units. Each business units are produce or have differentiated product or service.
Functional level strategy: these are low level strategy these are made for functional like for finance department there are different strategy than from marketing it is division of strategy on the basis of functionality. (
Vision statement:
It helps organizations to know where their businesses are

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