Strategic Planning And Strategy: The Importance Of Strategic Management

The concept of strategic management is defined as continuous analysis, planning, and assessment of the organization’s internal and external factors to effectively align corporate policy and strategic priorities. As a process, strategic management provides the operational philosophy, strategic plan, business model, and mission of an organization to meet its goals and objectives, and generate profits (Defining strategic management and strategy, 2012). This report explores the relevance of strategic management with the business areas of Human Resources, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Public Relations, and broader implications each business area has in the successful implementation of the strategy. These business areas cannot exist without the tools and concepts of strategic management.
Strategic Management in Human Resources
Every strategic design has to consider the personnel issues related to implementing the plan. This includes labor costs considerations and requirement for “well trained, well developed and well managed HR departments” (Sondhi & Nirmal, 2013, p. 4). Therefore, effective and efficient human resources functions are a key resource for firms, as it provides organizations with competitive advantages over competitors in their industry. “Human Resources is an “asset to the enterprise and if
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Effective strategies and tactics should be identified for the different phases of a PR campaign. As issues arise within a company, managers must implement strategies and take actions to maintain or revamp the reputation and image of a company as part of the risk management plan. As strategy implementation unfolds and execution begins PR managers will shift their focus to analysis and evaluation to ensure efforts are aligned to reach expected objectives and achieve established

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