Strategic Marketing Plan for the Audi A1 Essay

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Task Two: Marketing Plan
The Marketing Plan is based on the model by The Chartered Institute of Marketing.
1. Introduction & Mission Statement
Audi is a premium and performance car manufacturer. Our Strategy 2020 provides even clearer focus on our target to become the number one premium brand.
With the change in demand from society in the types of cars people wish to drive, we have to adjust the path we are taking to achieve our vision. We can only achieve this if we focus our full and uncompromising attention on the customer. That’s why our mission is:

‘We delight customers worldwide’

To delight customers worldwide we must focus on giving them the very best brand experience, with innovative and emotional products. This
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Hybrid & etron cars.

2.2 Place * Audi have showrooms worldwide, enabling the target to see and test the benefits and realities * Audi manufactures worldwide, through their plants based in Germany, Austria, Belgium, USA, Brazil, South Africa, and Egypt, which helps global distribution become more efficient. The planning and transport logistics regulate the supply of production locations with production materials and components, delivery of parts and accessories and new vehicles to the dealerships worldwide ( * The logistics experts make sure that ecological aspects are taken into account during transport from the suppliers to Audi AG and are working on the transport from the plants to the sales market (dealerships) with some countries such as Germany, Italy and Spain shifting from road to rail transport (2010 Audi AG Brand Plan) - this helps Audi sustain their environmental protection policy
2.3 Price * Due to Audi being perceived as a quality product, consumers can thus accept that the prices are going to be higher. Audi price their products with product line pricing, thus distinguishing from the different spectrums of model range – ie. A3 compared to A4 and also the difference within each model range but across a more basic to

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