Strategic Management : Human Resource Management Essay

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2.1 Strategic Management
Both Wustenhagen (2003) and Noe (2015) state that using strategic management to address competitive challenges expressed through well thought out vision, planning, policies and allocation of resources will typically result in the organisation achieving its goals.
When designing their strategy, organisations need to take into account all the competing factors in the environment which they operate, and know how they will deliver their product or service to the market.
Noe (2015) suggests that it is during this formulation of strategy, that human resource management can influence the strategic management process. Noe (2015) highlights the fact that once the organisation adopts an approach, that decision will decide which of the possible strategy implementation processes human resource management will follow.
2.2 Strategy Development
In developing their strategy, the organisation will need to involve and use competitive HRM practices. Holistically, the HRM strategy aligns with the business plan. Organisational structure encourages sharing of knowledge with teams completing work assignments; employee performance is monitored and measured, remuneration rewards skills and accomplishments. Recruitment and selection process is legal, validated and sustainable utilising equal employment opportunities; employee’s needs are reasonably accommodated and incorporating flexibility in the workplace.
Furthermore, the organisation must be sustainable by valuing…

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