Strategic Analysis Of Samsung's Strategic Strategy

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Firstly, the strategy of any work or business sets out long term and future objectives. The strategy includes different aspects and logistical support to achieve the strategic objectives. This strategy relies on those strategic decisions to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and performance of the Organization. In the following lines we will talk about ensuring strategic importance to the business and all forms of organizations. The four strategic theories properties, will be discussed with the important of business environment in 21s, and compare the similarities and differences between each of the theories.
Mainly the classical foreseeable focused on the decision to be rational and logical while forming their strategy. This means that
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It is clear that Samsung develops new product from time to time in order to maintain the name strong sales in the market. Main objective here is also applied to the question of survival. There are a lot of strong competitors, vying with Samsung in the area of electronic commerce such as Panasonic, Sony, and Siemens. One of the latest products developed countries, which is the telephone line Mud "Samsung has developed new product, which is a sleek phone with innovative design, which has been developed by intentionally in the mid to high end of the market. Because of unique selling point of its kind - voice activated, and hands free -. Samsung phones specifically targeted at ABC 1 businessmen and women aged between 25 and 44. This is what is known as market segmentation or different marketing research and development department in Samsung plays a vital role in the implementation of the strategy for the company is an evolutionary, therefore, the company is capable of producing new products to their clients from time to time. Samsung has strong capacity to produce new products in order to remain strong in the market. Widely applied this evolutionary approach to reflect in our world in the field of electronics" (Samsung, and development of new products, …show more content…
Decision in this case based on the attempt of different options in order to achieve success in the market. It is the access of learning from the mistakes and that he would be able to bargain over the most effective strategy to achieve success later. In Kuwait, economic conditions lead to take decisions in the mysterious global financial crises. This subject, led to urge young investors and companies to Small Business, closed due to sudden losses in 2009. On the other side, some small businesses have decided to stay, but by changing its policy and activities. It aims to reduce costs in order to reduce losses and profits. In my opinion, those small businesses, shops, small procedural way apply strategic planning, because they are still learning from their mistakes and changes in the market so far. The plans of those small businesses and shops new internal plans are belong to the decision-makers to amend new policies internal decisions in order to reduce the costs of operations. On the way to talk about world crises in 2009, and there are many powerful companies such as General Motors, Ford, which applied a kind of strategic decisions of procedure to address this crisis. It aims to reduce the costs of operations to a minimum, so that it applied the question of the reduction in order to reduce costs. Reduction depends on getting rid of the part of the workers in order to reduce the

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