The Challenges Of A Flat World

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A flat world is a sea of opportunities within a globally dispersed supply chain. Li & Fung defines and instructs the public how to utilize this flat world through network orchestration and competing network to network in a globally competitive economy in order to maximize the customer’s demands. This is not an easy tasks as the world is not completely flat and many stipulations cause companies in the global market to become stagnant. The following essay answers the questions of what is the flat world and how we can manage the benefits and bumps to progress to a borderless world.

A Flat World: What and How?
A flat world describes a world in which everyone is interconnected and more opportunities are presented. A flat world is a world in which companies interconnect by network and use multiple sources to get the job done.
How did this flat world occur? Based on the text by Li and Fung, the challenge of globalization is classified into three eras. Thomas Friedman identified these periods and there flatteners as follows. The flat world first reared its head through the emergence of a global market with advanced transportation and technology in order to more accessibly connect to other parts of the world (Fung, 2008, 4). This occurred from
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If the journey within a flat world begins and ends with the customer then the customer is at the center of this world. This is important within a flat world because today’s market is extremely competitive and customers have a variety of options for suppliers and many options in reference to final products. All in all, the customer will get what they want because in a flat world the customer is at the center of the interconnection of culture, markets, language, and all the other factors integrated within

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