IT Strategy And Strategic Planning

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IT strategy:
Strategic planning is performed by the high-level management to reach the organization goal. Especially strategy identifies goals which advances for whole organization and to organize resources. The upper and lower level team members, and board members understands the tactics work procedure when they are integrated to achieve goals. In terms of accountability, strategy is responsible to the overall organization. The scope of strategy is restricted to use all of the resources in an organization, market conditions like customers, economy and competitors. Strategy is implemented for long-term or can change rarely. The methods used for a strategy are research, analysis, research, user experience and lastly interaction among people.
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The domain experts use some of the particular resources assigned to attain goals. The scope of tactics restricted to use limited resources. The duration of this tactics are implemented in a short-term and very much flexible to the market situations. The methods used are tactic plans and procedures, implements the best practices, supports user experiences. The outputs of tactics are deliverables and the team members use automatic tools. Tactical plans support the strategic plans by converting them into particular plans specific to area. This plan is related to responsibility of lower-level team to fulfill the goals of strategic plan. Strategy involves the forthcoming vision of firm but tactics involve the actual steps or implementing a strategy needed to reach that …show more content…
The control measures incorporates goals and strategy to achieve them and gain profitability. The strategic management probably is a level of managerial activity which is below setting goals and also above the tactics. A tactic intended to fulfil the particular objectives of overall plan; operational plan regulates schedules, costs and specifications of day to day life. A perfect manager have a wide vision of the process, a series of in-built tactics for efficiency purpose and careful operations for controlling costs. The strategy and tactic are developed with a proper estimate of operational objectives like return on investment, market share, earnings and flow of cash. So, the control measure comprised of reviewing and checking the performance against tactics, strategies and operations to define an organization. The organization control itself a benchmark for a company looking forward towards optimal level of

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