Stork B. V Case Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… It is a Dutch manufacturing and service providing company and is headquartered in Naarden, Netherlands. There are two operating companies within Stork B.V: Fokker Aerospace Group and Stork Technical Services. Stork Aerospace produces advanced products, for instance, electrical systems for the defence and aerospace industry. The Stork Technical Services is responsible for supplying integrated technical services for installations and machines within the industrial market.
It could be said, that the company was formed based on emerging with other respectable companies founded as early as 1827. Moreover, Stork N.V acquired parts of manufacturing and aircraft servicing divisions of Fokker when the company was in a bankruptcy and formed Stork Aerospace.
In 2007 Stork had bought a food division; however the latter was sold in 2008 to an Icelandic firm known as Marel Food systems, as part of the deal.

2.0 Group structure
The corporate structure of Stork changed in 2008 when Stork went into becoming a privately owned company from being public. 99.6% of shares were tendered to London Acquisition B.V. Further takeovers of Stork business took place in the USA, in which a lot of well known banks were involved i.e. Goldman Sachs.


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In fact, he has been involved in for instance, the transfer from Andersen to Deloitte, during which he played an important role as a finance director.

Turkesteen RA, Chief Financial officer in the board of management

Bouland has been with Stork since 1975. Within that time Bouland has been responsible for various management positions at Stork. The most recent one he worked as a director of the Stork Technical services. Bouland, unlike Turkesteen and Vollebregt is involved in addition activies, which include: Board member of Stichting Gasturbineon. More
Ir. H.E.H Bouland(1949) is Chief Operations Officer in the Board of Management

5.1 Risk management and control

Stork`s structure considerably changed during 2008 due to transaction (public to private). The latter process had challenged company with some risks such as the change in company`s corporate structure. As a result of the transaction the company became Stork B.V (before the transaction it was known as Stork

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