Stimulated Recall Interview : A Memory Of Teacher Beliefs And Other Factors That Underpin Their Teaching

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Stimulated recall interview
Stimulated recall interview provides a concreate context for the elicitation of teacher beliefs and other factors that underpin their teaching, and ensures that these are grounded in actual observed teaching practices rather abstractions (Borg, 2015). Moreover, teachers have an opportunity to verbalise their thoughts about their interactive decision-making during lessons (Borg, 1998; Basturkmen et al., 2004). Burns and Knox (2005) note that this stimulated recall interview is able to conquer the teachers’ problems of short-term memory, meaning that teachers are able to focus back on the genuine discourse at the time. Furthermore, they also state that both teachers and the researcher can deal with interpretations of the events that can be directly connected back to particular points in the lesson.
The reason why using this technique is that stimulated recall is a research method that allows participants to elicit their concurrent thinking during teaching when prompted by an audio sequence, a transcript or some other patterns. This technique is suitable to explore teachers’ cognitive processes while participants have a chance to go back and see their previous teaching track. Stimulated recall interview is an appropriate research instrument in this study in order to: explore the underlying beliefs of content lecturers about EMI from their reflection on teaching behaviour in actual classrooms; uncover the convergence and divergences between beliefs…

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