Essay on Still On The Bottle Of A Pub Four Years

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Still on the Bottle I have been working in a pub four years, ever since I turned fifteen. I have watched many people come in and out of the pub. While not thinking about the alcohol people were consuming, I always did my job and gave the customers what they wanted. I have learned many things from my work but the biggest thing I have learned was that people who drink tend to behave in a ridiculous ways and also there seems to be more alcohol consumed every year. When I started at Double E back in 2013, I was happy and scared that I finally had a job. My biggest fear was that my boss wouldn 't like the way I worked and end up letting me go, but instead I was promoted one year later to be a waitress. Where I was the front of the business and seen all the consumption of alcoholic products and the irrational thinking that people brought in. I only worked Friday and Saturday nights because that was the only time they were open and it worked out because I didn 't have homework due on those days. As time went on, I realized that I wasn’t only dealing with drunks but I was also dealing with my bosses’ drinking problem. Every time I worked no matter what time of the day, I would deal with my bosses’ stumbling around the pub and then trying to help them get home. If that was not enough I would also deal with their paranoia.In fact, the worst case I have ever dealt with was when a group of guys came in for the night after being on Mark Twain Lake all day, the four guys and…

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