Steve Jobs Major Accomplishments

Throughout his life, Steve Jobs worked hard and strived to create the best technology. As a child, he made electronics with his father, Paul, in their garage, where he learned all about technology. In high school, Jobs created a device called a “blue box” that let people make free calls to other cities. He came up with the name for Apple, the successful company that he started, from working at an apple orchard over the summer. This shows how casual and frugal Steve was for a . He didn’t need to come up with a fancy name for his company. Steve would not let his failed attempt at creating another company, called NeXT, from stopping him taking the reins in the world of technology. Even through his battle with pancreatic cancer, Jobs created the now famous iPod and Apple TV. Jobs may be well known for his work for Apple, which is mostly positive, but he had some hard times involving his personal life. Even after his death, Jobs is remembered as one of the most influential and inventive people in the technology industry. Steve Jobs was a revolutionary inventor who paved the way for technology. He created Apple, which is now a multi-billion dollar company and was the CEO of Pixar, which has produced an abundant amount of Oscar winning animated films. His …show more content…
Investors, who were aware of Jobs’ recent success with Apple immediately funded the company, and earned about $300 million just because of his personality and persona. The NeXT computer failed, but Steve didn’t give up. Amid the negative reviews of the NeXT computers, he continued, but eventually realized that he had to give up. (Schlager). Ironically, NeXT was bought by Apple a few years later (Lerner). The NeXT computer was technologically advanced, but because of its high price of about $10,000 caused it to be way too expensive for the common person

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