Essay on Steroids Should Be Banned On Drugs

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Were you aware that around twenty two percent of suicide cases are related to drug use? Or that eighteen percent of family homicides can be associated with drugs? Steroids have been used in sports since the early Olympics when athletes ate plants with natural growth hormones and that produced more testosterone (“Effects…”). Steroid use since then has evolved. Drugs are now faster, more productive, and easier to obtain. This is beneficial for patients who require these drugs to survive or recover, but are very dangerous to those with different intentions. Performance enhancing drugs are addictive, illegal, prevent growth, and can be deadly, no matter the age.
Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) cause heart problems, deformities, and sometimes death. Steroids are just one type of the dangerous PED the world has. Steroids can be anabolic, produces muscle growth, or synthetic, man made. Anabolic effects in men include forming breasts, baldness, shrunken testicles, infertility, impotence, and many more that can be serious and lead to cancer. Anabolic effects in women include a deeper voice, increased body hair, baldness, and infrequent or absent periods, which could lead to infertility. Anabolic steroids cause acne, tumors, liver failure, high blood pressure, and circulatory problems in both men and women (Mayo Clinic Staff). Another type of steroid is synthetic, or man made. Most synthetic steroids will cause abnormal body hair and overactive metabolism, which will burn off more…

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