Steroid Persuasive Essay

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What is the punishment for steroid use? Athletes that use steroids can be punished in many different ways. But are they punished harsh enough? No they are not punished harsh enough. Athletes could be suspended, stripped of stats/records, or banned from the sport completely. There are many different ways people use steroids. This includes methods such as shooting up, doping, and many oral methods. Most of these methods are extremely unhealthy. The punishment for steroid use should be harsher because it is unfair to other athletes, unhealthy, and it is cheating. The first reason steroid use should bring a harsher punishment is because it is extremely unfair to other athletes. “It’s accepted that doping is a sin far worse than mere cheating. It's not like a false start, diving in the penalty area or not walking when you've edged the ball. It's considered destructive not of the event but of the entire sport: perhaps of the whole idea of sport.” (Barnes, 2015). There are many different forms of steroids that are banned in sports; some examples are anabolic steroids, certain peptide hormones, stimulants, diuretics, narcotics and beta-blockers. (Barnes, 2015). All forms of illegal steroids are used to gain an unfair advantage over other athletes. The illegal steroid use has plagued the entire sports world. But …show more content…
They can cause many different problems. From mental to physical they can cause a lot of complications. Illegal steroid use should be stopped. Athletes have been affected throughout history, causing many of them to be banned from their sport. Testing for these substances should be increased dramatically. Going from once or twice every couple months: to multiple times every month. Steroids have cheated the game for a long time, causing mediocre athletes to become great. From baseball to basketball all sports have been affected in many ways. Without steroids every sport would be so much more

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