Stepping Into Adulthood By Sam Schulman Essay

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Stepping into Adulthood Life is hard, complicated and moves in a very unpredictable way. Yesterday, we are just young and free from responsibilities, the next day we are trapped in the expectation of the society to get up in the morning and do what every adult do, work. There is no definite way to determine the right age a person is considered adult and mature. In the law of society, a person is adult when they turned eighteen on their birthday. Some would argue when a teen is able to get a driver’s license. Whatever it may be, I believe that a person can truly mature and be considered adult, when they are able to overcome a situation that shaken their attitudes and perspective about life. At the very moment we are born, our parents are the people we relied the most. They are our first heroes and guardians. In the article “Letting Go” by Sam Schulman, “Today’s parent don’t want to be the strict, distant types of yesteryear, handling down judgements that may cause moments of unpleasantness. They want to be “friends” who hear about--and how sympathy for--the travails of dating and “relationships.””. This quote is relevant in my relationship with my parents and how they helped me become the adult that I am today, especially my mother, who became the most confident and the greatest friend, I could ever ask for. I thought my father will always be the Superman and mother will be the angel. But I was wrong, just like every other human being they have become weak, because of…

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