Essay on Statistics And Statistics Of Animal Sciences

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Statistics review: Role of statistics in animal sciences
This review throws the light on applications of statistics in animal sciences, and answering the question of how are statistics playing a vital role in veterinary field and biology .Also it presents different statistical methods that can be used in different studies. The basic statistical concepts should be known. The subject of statistics includes, design of a study that it will provide the biologist with the most information efficiently, Collection of the data by using different sampling methods, and analysis of the data using different statistical tests. It is not necessary to understand the exact methodology of every statistical test used, but it is necessary to understand some concepts such as parametric and nonparametric tests, hypothesis tests, types of experimental errors, significance levels and P value. The proper handling of these concepts, leads to correct understanding of the study, correct handing of the data and correct handling of the result.
Keywords: Variable, descriptive statistic, hypothesis tests, normal distribution, parametric and non parametric test.
Statistics are a familiar and important part of the modern world, and it is a part of the life of every serious biologist. It is impossible to imagine life without some statistical information [1].
The field of statistics is developed to parallel technological developments in different sciences to which statistical methods may…

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