Why I Want To Study Psychology

"Every day is a fight in which you must struggle against something or someone, and every one is given that same challenge, yet few actually emerge from this behind-the-scenes battle as true victors, because few are willing to try.” Studying psychology became important to me while studying theatre as a child. In theatre, I had to understand how characters minds worked and develop their personalities through character analysis. I found that characters personalities were so vastly different that it made me want to understand the variations. I started studying theatre as a child and it flourished into a passion I couldn 't let go of as I grew older. Understanding psychology has made my life as an active theatre person quite enjoyable and easier because of the skills and dexterity one most possess for psychology. I am quite passionate about what I do and I am ready to help the society in more ways by being a psychologist. Over the past three years here at the University of Arkansas, I have discovered a vast amount about who I am. Through involvement in organizations I have not only developed the skills that I entered college with, but I have picked up an entire …show more content…
I am very passionate about Psychology, and would like to pursue a career in the field of Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Psychology. As someone who plays many roles in observation, it would deeply satisfy me to be able to devote myself into something that can better the mutual understanding between people 's behavior and perhaps promote a better society. I am eager to study Psychology in as much depth as possible, and I intend to practice a career in the fields I am particularly interested in. I believe that I will make an outstanding graduate student who will appreciate having the opportunity to study and expand my knowledge in a reputable learning

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