Essay about Statement Of Goals And Values

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Statement of Goals and Values

Pre-service teachers continually grow and gain experience as they undertake the extensive practice and learning to become graduate teachers. Through this, goals and values provide an incentive for teachers to achieve competence in their continual development through their teaching lives. My philosophy of teaching is to enhance a student’s learning through implementing theory into professional practice (Groundwater-Smith,, 2003; DET, 2008). To achieve this I have selected three goals and one value, in order to enrich my students’ enjoyment of language and culture as well as the importance of languages in the contemporary society (MCEETYA, 2008; DET, 2008; BOSTES, 2012).

Travelling abroad to teach
Throughout my studies, the ultimate goal I have chosen is to travel abroad to teach English to foreign student, at the end of my studies. To achieve this, I need to have graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree and I also decided to become to study TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) in my fifth year of my Education course, to assist my teaching of English overseas. Not only will it enhance my ability to become an English teacher but also it will teach valuable abilities that will resonate with students of different ethnographies in a variety of environments (Anderson, 2009; Lareau, 2010; Groundwater-Smith,, 2003). Furthermore, it will enrich my ability to plan new and relevant…

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