Starbucks Essay

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Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with over 23,000 stores in 64 countries, including 12,973 in the United States, 1,897 in China, 1,550 in Canada, 1,088 in Japan and 927 in the United Kingdom.
In 1987, the Starbucks chain was sold to Howard Schultz,who is the current CEO.
Starbucks’ strategy its mission is to inspire and nature the human spirit — one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.
Perfect locations
Starbucks has stores in some of the most prime and strategic location across the globe. They target premium, high-traffic, high-visibility locations near a variety of settings, including downtown and suburban retail centers, office buildings, university campuses, and in select rural and off-highway
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Social Responsibility
Trying to preserve the earth’s natural resources and enhance the quality of lives around the globe,Starbucks actively seeks opportunities to minimize our environmental impact and help create a healthy planet, by taking steps to reduce waste from operations and recycle.
Unique environment
Starbucks has a store design group that is responsible for the design of the furniture,fittings,and layout.The design of a Starbucks store is intended to provide both unhurried sociability and efficiency on-the-run.
Starbucks offers time-limited free Wi-Fi,a Starbucks card is required to access it. Unlike some local chains which have long offered free Wi-Fi,Starbucks has the opportunity to lure in new and casual customers by giving them free access for two hours. After that time has expired, customers will need to purchase access to Wi-Fi using their Starbucks card. With over 20,000 locations worldwide, having a card seems like a good investment to many customers. Also,once customers have invested in a card they will be more likely to choose Starbucks over its competitors, which will reinforce more loyalty.
Further more, Starbucks has been supported to create a real-world ecosystem of wireless power, by creating a universal standard for wireless charging, and to help the customers to recharge their smart phones. DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS Starbucks is primarily known for

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