Starbucks 's Global Responsibility Of Our Company For The 2014 Fiscal Year

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Recently, Starbucks released a report to evaluate the global responsibility of our company for the 2014 fiscal year. The report focused heavily on the sourcing of the coffee, the quality of life of customers, employees, and farmers, and the communities we serve. Many years ago, Starbucks realized our success was because of the quality coffee we are serving to our customers. The company wanted not only to continue to serve top notch coffee but to continue for many years to come. To achieve this goal, the sustainability of the farmers, employees, and communities are very important. This inspired the Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practice which was developed in part by Starbucks and Conservation International (CI), which helps promote environmentally responsible growing methods. C.A.F.E. was developed in 2004 as one of the industry’s first steps towards comprehensive sustainability standards. Within the first year of development, our company sourced 43 million pounds of green coffee which was about 14.5% of the coffee we served. We set a goal for ourselves to be sourcing 100% of Starbucks coffee from C.A.F.E. approved farmers; as of 2014, 95.5% of the coffee was green. Starbucks and CI also incorporated agricultural methods into C.A.F.E. which helped to reduce emissions, improve carbon storage, and manage climate risks from pests and disease. Not only does Starbucks and C.A.F.E. aim to produce well farmed coffee, but it also involves measures to increase the quality of…

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