Starbucks 's Corporate Level Strategies Essay

1350 Words May 12th, 2016 6 Pages
Starbucks corporate-level strategies are the main factors that led to Starbucks success. According to Bradley (2016), “corporate level strategy is concerned with the strategic decisions a business makes that affect the entire organization. Financial performance, mergers and acquisitions, human resource management and the allocation of resources are considered part of corporate level strategy.” There are many strategies of Starbucks corporate level strategies, such as value Neutral strategy (Bradley, 2016). According to Bradley (2016), “a business can employ a value-neutral strategy when the organization isn 't so much concerned with allocating resources and manpower as it is with securing its current place within the market. In essence, value-neutral strategy helps shore up the business ' operations plan. Initiating regulatory oversight, creating synergy between departments, working to reduce risk and securing a steady cash flow are value-neutral approaches.” Starbucks is working hard to provide a clean environment to its customers (Seattle, 2009). According to Seattle (2009), “despite the challenging economic environment, Starbucks is profitable, has a strong balance sheet and generates solid cash from operations. Starbucks has focused its attention on increasing profits in existing stores by: aligning the company 's cost structure to its current business strategy with a planned $500 million structural expense reduction in fiscal 2009; improving operational efficiencies…

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