Star Of Walter Reflection

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When there is an intense situation, people normally act however they benefit themselves and be safe. However, learning how to benefit everyone is important to learn. It is possible for many people to be harmed caused by one person. It is necessary for people to be informed how crucial is, to consider others too.
During the Holocaust, when the Germans started to discriminate the Jews even more, people needed to where yellow stars, which is known as Star of David, in order to distinguish Jews from the “normal” Germans. Two weeks after they receive those starts, they had to report themselves to do labors in Germany. Half of the Jewish immigrants had to ride a train, which headed to Auschwitz, and only a few of the Jews came back. For Walter, he was helped by his friend from school. Dad of Walter’s friend was a communist and mom was the owner of a wool shop. Walter and his
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The Jews were not safe even though they had their own house or hiding place that nobody even knew about. They always had the risk of being arrested and killed. Nobody could trust anyone, and this is proven by this story. Jack was the member of the immigration café, and he was the same person as the people in the café. He met the people personally and made friends. However, by one situation, even the friendship or kinship could be destroyed. One could kill another by revealing their secret in order for oneself and one’s family to survive. There were a lot of cases that people died in similar situation.
By telling this story, people today can realize how drastic people could be when one faces intensive situation, and try to avoid the same mistake. Jews could kill another Jews, in the situation where Jews need to cooperate and help each other. The crucial point is that people need to get together when they are the minority. This point can apply to our present life, learning not to think benefits of oneself, but to think as a

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