High School Leon Botstein Analysis

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High school, it can be a place where bright young minds blossom and where happiness and memories are shared but behind this façade high school isn’t exactly a bed of roses. Students are constantly preparing for standardized testing and once the test comes around more than half the students fail. Is an irrelevant test really a way to get students to move forward in their lives? Leon Botstein, President of Bard College believes that high school should be taken out in all its entirety. Botstein thinks that clichés are the major problem and that’s why high school should be erased, but is that really the major issue in High Schools these days? All students in America are required to go to school until old enough to drop out with permission from a legal guardian; would the dropout rate would be so high if students didn’t feel like they were a piece of data for school administrators to collect? high school used to be a …show more content…
Yes, high school has its issues like Standardized Testing but it is not useless. High school is a vital part of people lives, it’s where students create more social skills and mature into young intellectual adults. Botstein may have a point when he pronounces that clichés like the jocks, the attractive girls and the nerds dominate high school agendas; if you’re not a part of a cliché than you’re a loner but after all these years’ clichés aren’t as important as they used to be. In my school we just all go with the flow, there aren’t any distinct clichés. High school’s now a place where AP kids can be friends with a star football players, there is no radical divide between students anymore. Botstein is looking at schools from a standpoint of 1999, high school isn’t exactly what you see in the movies

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