Case Study On Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing and Educational Quality
In this case study, I will be asking the question of how do standardized tests unfairly measure educational quality. This will be viewed from an English professor standpoint and how they handle the problem themselves. First a standardized test is a test that is regulated and scored in a reliable, or "standard", way. standardized test is outlined such that the questions, conditions for regulating, scoring strategies, and interpretations are steady and are controlled and scored in advance, standard way. Standardized testing can be composed of multiple-choice questions, true-false questions, essay questions, authentic assessments, or nearly any other form of assessment. Multiple-choice and true-false
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Florentia Rosca from my university and stated to them the main problem, which is how do you handle the fact that standardized tests unfairly measure educational quality. To see their thoughts and solutions on the matter and how they handled the problem all this time. Their first thought was to agree with me on how they do measure educational quality unfairly. And their reasons behind this is that most student are not very good test takes they find in very stressful and nerve-racking to have one test measure what is the potential of the student. Not to mention, most standardized tests, usually midterms or finals which hold and large sum of a student grade for a single test to determine that is a very large weight on a student shoulder’s come to think about it even most professor would not be able to take that amount of pressure. Additionally, standardized tests are usually created by high test administrators that do not deal with student and graduates on a daily basis so they have no idea of the stress and anxiety that they could be going through to have their performance judged by one exam. Although this may be true, this do not apply on every standardized test because you have placement test for general knowledge, for example a university entrance exam. You are required to have a certain amount of knowledge and information to be able to enter the university and have a fair chance as anybody else who applied for the same …show more content…
But from my view point as a student I do not agree with everything the professor said about standardized tests. I think that different students have different ways for showing what they have learned and not all are good at taking tests. The best method to would be induvial assessment because is create a safe and clear environment for the student to focus and perform the best they can. Some say that this I very difficult to do as it requires a lot of time and effort from the instructor or evaluator but I say follow these steps and it will be as easy as any other standardized test. First have the instructor himself choose the best questions or assessment for each student as they know the student better than any other person. Second explain to the student what is required of him and how he/she is being evaluated. And last but no least have a set time and date a while before the evaluation and everything afterwards is just preparation for that

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