Essay on Staining Techniques During The Gram Stain

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INTRODUCTION There have been multiple staining techniques before the Gram stain came about in 1883. These old staining techniques brought about issues because they stained both the tissue and the cells so it was hard to differentiate between the two. Christian Gram is the inventor of the gram stain and found this technique when he was looking at Streptococcus pneumoniae in the lung tissue of people and animals (1). When working with these tissues, he found that this bacterium would take up a specific stain and leave the rest of the tissue decolorized There is an extra step that has been added, which is using a counterstain. Gram was not the one to come up with the counterstain and he never used it throughout his experiments (2). The counterstain came about a few years later when Carl Weigert used this technique. He realized using this counterstaining technique, that he would actually be able to see the cells that don’t keep the purple color. He used safranin, which is a red color. This would allow the bacteria that are not purple to turn pink in color. This was a way scientists can differentiate between 2 different bacteria (2). This is where differential staining came from. Gram staining is very crucial in determining the differences between bacteria. It can categorize them into different groups. They are separated into groups based off of their cell wall structure and morphology. It was determined that if a cell is stained purple that it is positive and if it is…

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