St. Luke's Nursing Center Case Study

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At St. Luke’s Nursing Center, in Carthage, Missouri; safety is paramount and is taught through oral communication and the Disaster Manual. The oral communication is carried out on a daily basis in regard to safety of the resident’s general living environment. There is always a focus on the safety of the residents pertaining to their health, dietary needs, and transfer assistance for low or non-ambulatory residents. For this type of safety, there is a large amount of oral communication between staff throughout the day. A major emphasis is put on making sure the resident is comfortable and safe before leaving their room. The resident should always have access to their call light and oral communication should be made through employees to refer the right person to assist the resident.
Furthermore, there is a copy of the Disaster Manual at in numerous
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Luke’s; an internal evacuation and an external evacuation. With the internal and external evacuation some of the rules are the same; remain calm. Start first with the ambulatory residents, then the wheelchair residents and lastly the bedridden residents. In an internal evacuation residents would be moved to a safe internal place; generally the main lobby in less that was not same then another location would be announced. In the case of an external evacuation; St. Luke’s has a disaster contract with Fairview Elementary School to relocate the residents to. The name of the person to call in this case is listed in the Disaster Manual and easy to understand.
St. Luke’s Disaster Manual is 50 pages long and covers a lot of material. It has specific instructions for many natural and unnatural disasters; including fire, flood, high winds, tornado, explosion, earthquake, utility outage and radiological or chemical incident. For any type of disaster, if harm is not eminent at that second the nursing staff is to lock patient chart cart and medication cart in the nurse’s

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