Sribes Vs Jesus Analysis

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Thesis: Biblical teachers should be focused on the needs of the vulnerable in their society rather than their appearance with the people in public settings.

Two Types of Teachers: Scribes vs. Jesus (12:35-37; 41-44) Chapter 12:35-44 is a continuation of the previous events in chapter 12. One of the themes seen in the previous events is Jesus being questioned, specifically by the scribes. The goal of the Pharisees and Scribes was to catch Jesus in the offense in order for them to charge him and ultimately kill him. The Pharisees and the scribes recognize that Jesus continues to maintain a powerful influence with the people through healthcare and his teaching in the word of God. The setting of the first division in Mark 12:35-37 is in the temple; Jesus is teaching to an audience that go to the temple. In his teaching, Jesus addresses the Scribes teaching about the messianic figure being the son of David. Jesus challenges his audience to evaluate if the messiah is is the son of David through a logical argument by using scripture. At the end of his argument, Jesus proves that the messiah is not the son of David and the response of the crowd was that they heard him gladly (12:37). Now, the audience at the temple is left to evaluate what the characteristic of a
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We also learn that she does not have a husband or any children that can take care of her. Because she is in relation to the church it is important for those in authority to recognize those that are in need in the church. Not only is it the responsibility of leadership to be aware, the congregation needs to be aware also in order to help those that are vulnerable in the church as well. Not all needs of the vulnerable are the same as the widow in Mark 12 but it is important that the basic necessities for human beings are met for the vulnerable like water, food, and shelter. This is what the poor widow lacked

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