Sports Specific Training Essay

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Sports specific training focuses on movements that are specific to a sport and that must be developed through repetition of movement. Some examples of repetitious movement would be: free throwing, marathon running, and sprinting. A strong athletic base must be built in order to achieve any level of excellence in sports. No matter what the sport is you must have sport specific training in order to achieve speed and endurance.

Core training is an essential part of sports training and will strengthen the entire body and increase every physical movement. The body's core is located in the shoulders, stomach and back. The core is developed through resistance training as these muscles are developed and strengthened through their natural desire to
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This training involves high intensity workouts with alternate periods of rest or lower levels of activity. These exercise routines help the body to achieve its maximum cardiovascular workout as well as to achieve new levels of endurance and speed. Interval training is often practiced by long distance runners, sprinters, football players, soccer players as well as by many other sports players. This training can be applied to a weight training program to build cardiovascular strength and it can involve walking, jogging and running for a set period of time during which an intensity of power and effort is exerted. This exertion is then followed by a short period of rest or lessened activity before it is again repeated. This is a key training technique that is used to enhance a specific sport.

Functional training is another aspect of sport specific training which is beneficial for every sport. The use of standard resistance equipment is beneficial for functional training. This type of machinery resists natural movement and focuses on a single muscle group. Some machinery which can be used is: medicine balls, kettlebells, cable machines and balance disks. This type of exercise also develops core stability and promotes overall physical strength and

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