Sports, Football, Basketball, And Game Of Thrones Essay

947 Words Sep 26th, 2016 4 Pages
In the first conversation at the beginning we established the similar interests that we have such as basketball, football, fantasy football, and Game of Thrones. We talked mostly about basketball since that is both of our favorite sport. While talking about basketball we went through the essentials questions of getting to know someone through basketball which would be top 5 greatest players, favorite team, and favorite players. We then moved onto football and talked about our favorite football teams mine being the panthers and his being the giants. We transitioned into fantasy football next in which we talked about our players, injuries, and records. My team hasn’t been doing well so I couldn’t brag about how good I was at fantasy football. We talked about favorite TV shows for a little bit and Zach said he was watching Game of Thrones. I’d already watched up to the current point in the show so I was raving about how much I enjoyed the show. We also talked about the new NBA 2K game and the new feature in the game for a little while. In the second conservation the conversation seemed to be much more subdued/boring although I don’t think this neither Zach’s fault or mine. I started off by asking him his favorite movie and he said he couldn’t cause he had too many so I moved on to asking what some of his favorite movies were and he said The Lord of the Rings movies. After that we talked about Which Wich and our favorite sandwiches from there. I then proceeded to ask him what…

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