Sports Can Make Children Better Rounded And Can Specifically Benefit Children With Autism

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Sports can make children better-rounded and can specifically benefit children with Autism by focusing on improving social skills which will have a domino effect in fighting against these other symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Emotional and Psychological Benefits Sports are a healthy outlet for children to vent emotions and express themselves. Competing in a sports event can serve as a good outlet to be competitive in a healthy setting. Also sports allow children to burn off some steam or anger that might have pent up. This is important for children with Autism because they might have more difficulties expressing emotions than other children and sports can allow themselves to get out these emotions in an appropriate setting. A study was done in on adolescents in Norway that analyzed children before and after a season on a soccer team. The children were ages twelve to fourteen and were psychologically tested after participating on the Norwegian soccer team to look at their overall mental health and emotional output. The study first focused on team sports and the psychological benefits of those. Team sports are based around collaborating with others and this social interaction provides a sense of belonging in children developing socially. The results of the study suggest that soccer being a team sport required collaboration between teammates which initiated social interaction. Along with this and feedback from peers and coaches being on the soccer team provided a place…

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