Speech On The Day After School Essay

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The students walks into school Monday, preparing their minds for the upcoming school week. They walk into their first hour, dreading the sight of the clock as they think to themselves, “If only it was a Saturday! Then I would still be in bed!” As hour after hour of school passes, going through first, second, third, then fourth hour, this student is becoming fatigued. Then it hits them. It knocks them on the ground. There, on the board of their fifth hour class, lies the words in big bold letters, TEST WEDNESDAY. The following minutes are filled with stress, anxiety, and worry. But this does not compare to the time consuming, mind thwarting, brain exhausting hours of study5ing that is now to commence to do well on this test.
That day after school, the student contemplates whether to study that night, wait until tomorrow night, or not study at all. But then their good student sense kicks in and the urge to study devours the mind and body. All of a sudden the student finds themselves with their heads in their books, and their minds beginning to become trounced with all kinds of emotions. Fear, anxiety, worry, nervousness, and paranoia all overflow into the brain. All of a sudden Wednesday comes and before they know it, it is already fifth hour! Palms sweaty, brows dripping with sweat, the student survives the test, but only time will tell whether all the studying was worth it. Come Friday, this student is exuberant! Only six hours of school before the weekend! Five hours in…

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