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Greetings parents,
Today I will be discussing about the benefits of homeschooling and why it is more advantageous for your kid than public or private schools. Do you want more time to bond with your kids? Or your kids to bond better with their surroundings then homeschooling is the right way to go. Some of you might want to know ,what is homeschooling exactly? Homeschooling is education provided by the parents or a teaching software in the comfort of their own Home. In this speech I will be supporting homeschooling due to its many advantages and personal preference. Most of y'all must be wondering if homeschooling facilities are expensive?Yes the equipment and the teaching software might be a bit on the high end but from my perspective quality
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Homeschooling can take up a lot of time of the parents however homeschooling is very flexible with timings, the parents can decide how they want to spend their time ,their schedules will not be disrupted due to it's extreme tensility .Parents can even bond with their kids while teaching them .Maintaining a healthy relationship with your kid might have been tough in the past as they were always in school, doing homework or taking tuitions but homeschooling might solve that problem as now you and your kid have enough time to …show more content…
In schools even though kids are meeting each other socialization isn't really taking place ,If sitting in one chair for 7 or 8 hours is deemed as socialization I can-not comprehend what feeling lonely must be .Schools even give very short breaks where the kid barely has time to eat how is one suppose to interact in such a short time period .By homeschooling, various clubs can be joined and many more people can be spoken to and made friends with , a lot more time can be given to have fun with their friends as homeschooling timings are very adjustable . Homeschooling doesn't stunt social skills in any manner infact gives more time to do improve them . Kids might make friends that last for a lifetime as they can meet more often due to homeschooling but in schools many children lose connections with each other after school hours / after graduating as there are less frequent encounters between them . Children are affected by their surroundings as they can pick up on the atmosphere one creates much easily than an adult can so one might want to study with others while another kid might not prefer the extra company . Some kids work better with others as it encourages competition and makes them more ambitious . Homeschooling can be done with a small group of kids or only one kid depending on his/her inclination

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