Impress A Girl Research Paper

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Have you ever wonder how to impress a girl? Have you ever disappointed for not being impressed enough? If your answers are yes, then you need to understand more about girls. Your life would be a lot easier when u know in advance what turn on and off the girls. You can learn it from your own mistakes or you can learn it from successes and defeats of other men. Of course, the latter would be less painful. When you know how to impress a girl, you can easily double or triple your dating. No girl is out of your league. It is the art worth learning.

Every guy wants to be admired by the girl of his dream. But the sad truth is many guys don’t know how to impress a girl properly. Most people will advise you to well groom, make her laugh,
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They need a little more time to warm up. So don’t be too hurry. It may make an impression of being needy. Build rapport and develop trust first. Make her feel comfortable around you, this will bring down her psychological defenses. It is not a war but, like in a war, it is a lot easier to handle when the other party put his shield down. I will show you how to do it properly in separate post.

Every girl and their preferences are unique. What impress a girl may not do so another girl. But there are still a lot of common themes. They love to watch drama, are in search of romance, want to be emotionally stimulated and so on. Girls are interested in opposite sex as much as boys do. The most important common thing is that females are impressed with alpha male personality, and girls are not exception. Alpha males trigger a special feeling inside females. These females want to be cherished by the strong guy who is also dependable, capable of protecting and providing for
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If a man doesn’t have self-confidence, he won’t be able to impress a girl. Girls usually have a better antenna than guys and they can sense whether a guy has faith in himself or not. They won’t respect a man with no courage. In case you are not confident enough, learn to build it. No matter what you are, you are deserved to be a confident strong man. Learn to awaken the giant within you. Learn to polish the unnoticed hidden gems inside you. I will write how to seek and unleash it step by step in separate posts. Always remember confident guy is more attractive than a handsome one with low self-esteem. When you have enough confidence, it will shine through, and girls will notice it. This is how to impress a girl fast.Demonstration of leadership: Whenever or wherever you wonder how to impress a girl, ask yourself “how should I demonstrate leadership here”. Then show it in subtle way. Always lead her, but aware not to become bossy. Lead her physically to a place. Lead her in conversation. Lead and help her to come to a decision. Actively help her overcome what she afraid of. Be decisive in your words, opinions and actions. But let me remind again, be a leader not a boss. Let me give you another example. When you are going out in group, care your target but don’t forget to care the group. Make sure everyone feel

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