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Special People/Special Needs
Mental illness is a special need within itself; couple that with being a minority, specifically an African American, and the problem increases. The following paper will display examples and data portraying the difficulty that African Americans face when seeking mental health services, particularly for schizophrenia. Also included will be assessment techniques, intervention strategies and treatment planning.
According to the NAMI Multicultural Action Center (Medline Plus, 2004), “African Americans in the United States are less likely to receive diagnoses and treatment for their mental illnesses than Caucasian Americans.” This can be due to many factors,
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These scales also leave out the significant affect of a client’s socioeconomic status, cultural variance, social class, character traits developed in response to their particular environment, demographics, and differences in genetic and biological vulnerability or genetic-intermingling.
There are a number of interventions that may help an individual with schizophrenia. There are three main components that aide in the intervention of individuals with schizophrenia. The three components are medication, education and psychosocial intervention, and rehabilitation. Some other interventions that can be helpful with having schizophrenia are social skills training, group therapy, cognitive training, and pursuing the interests of the individual.
Medications help in the recovery of the functioning of the brain and help to relieve stress and prevent relapse. The medications that are used to help schizophrenia are also called antipsychotic or neuroleptics. Once an individual is on a medication they should continue as long as the doctor permits. Ending the medication without approval can cause relapse and the disease can progress, which causes the symptoms to either come back or become more intense. Also important to remember is that “some studies suggest African Americans metabolize medications more slowly than Caucasian Americans, yet they often receive higher doses of psychiatric medications, which may result in increased side effects

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