Special Education : Special Needs Problem Solving Essay

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Special Needs Problem Solving

With the lack of a traditional special education program at Wahlert, I: wanted to find a way to do something with this journal that would have some meaning for the situation at school.
What we do have is a strategies teacher that works with the students that have learning or behavioral issues where they attend a period with the teacher do meet accommodations and to have some monitored work time. This by definition is not special education so I wanted to dig a little deeper. We have a therapist that comes in from Hillcrest, Sue Witty, and she works with students that have some of our more serious mental health issues. What I did is pick a student that is working with both parties and has appeared on the radar of our MTSS team. I got permission from the parents and student to attend some meetings with the student and the strategies teacher, therapist, and MTSS team. I figure that this would give me a more realistic feel to what a special needs problem solving meeting would be like and at the same time would allow me to track the progress of the student at different times. The other aspect that made this more interesting for me as a technology coach was that one of the areas of concern was regarding technology and more specifically his school issued computer. The student was a 9th grade male who has a diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADD and anxiety disorder. The initial meeting that I attended was to set up and discuss accommodations for the…

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