What Are The Benefits Of A Special Education Classroom

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After watching Including Samuel my original beliefs on inclusion and least restrictive environment were swayed. I am a Special Education major, and tutoring in an MMD classroom ultimately led me down the path of special education. Because separate is all I really knew, I thought that it was the best option for exceptional children. I assumed the one on one and endless resources of a special ed room would outweigh the social benefits of a traditional classroom. The video made me think otherwise for some students. I think if inclusion is done correctly it could diminish the unnecessary barrier drawn between traditional and exceptional children at the elementary level. However, for inclusion to work I feel that general ed teachers should be highly …show more content…
If that means inclusion isn’t the best option for that child other services should be implemented until a good fit is found. If a special education classroom or even a specialized school works best for that student, that’s where they should be placed. As a future teacher, I anticipate the requests of the parents’ would be hard to always meet. As a special ed teacher I will be dealing with IEPs on a daily basis. I think it may be hard for some parents to realize there is a process to adhere by. However, I am passionate about special ed and I think that will show to the parents. Good communication and positive relationships with parents go a long way. I think if you are willing to work with the parents as much as possible, keep them involved and informed, and truly care about their child a partnership can be made that will be beneficial to all. The decisions about a child with disabilities should be shared among the general ed teacher, the special ed/resource teacher, and parents. I think it is important to collect as much data as possible and truly know the student in order to make important decisions about their placement. Above all, decisions should be made with the well-being of the child in …show more content…
Samuel absolutely won over my heart and reconfirmed my decision to go into special ed. The video showed that people with disabilities are not their disability, they are full, complex human beings and it is important to not lose sight of that. I found myself asking, “What can I do to help my future students reach a sense of belonging at school and in their community?” I realized helping students achieve academically is just one small part of teaching special

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