Spaghetti : An Important Part Of My Life Essay examples

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Spaghetti has always been an important part of my life. Ever since I was little I’ve loved this long noddle, tomato sauced, meatball dish. The smell of the dish coming together would make my mouth water, even from the other side of the house. With every twirl of my fork my love becomes stronger. Not only do I love spaghetti as a dish; I love it as a way to bring people together. Spaghetti has a way to bond people and a company that understands the power of this pasta is Olive Garden. Since being established in 1982 Olive Garden bases their restaurants on authentic Italian dishes and family. When you walk into Olive Garden’s restaurants the family feel immediately comes over you. As soon as someone opens the door the workers up front greet you with a warm smile and ask you “How many?”. The environment of their restaurants also portrays the family feel by bringing bright and everything very natural in color. Olive Garden knows how important family time is for people and they know how important family time is in our hustle and bustle society.
Part one
You can see how they convey this message of how important family time is by looking at one of Olive Garden’s TV Commercials “Best of You”, the ad starts out by showing two little girls looking out of the window. Then the camera turns to a woman walking down the sidewalk with an Olive Garden bag. After that the commercial gives the viewer snaps of other families spending time together. One of the families is eating Olive Garden…

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